With SaaS, are you heading for a vendor lock-in?

With SaaS, are you heading for a vendor lock-in?

81% organizations are opting for SaaS solutions to drive their critical but non-core email and collaboration workloads & gain from SLA backed guarantees.

With SaaS, you sign up and consume services from the service providers “cloud” and also store your data in the service providers infrastructure. Typically with SaaS, you will have Zero hardware and no data within your premises. There are multiple strong benefits of SaaS for businesses of any size.

While SaaS solutions promote security, reliability and performance, you may be wondering what happens to your data if and when you decide to exit the service and how do you decide on the right SaaS solution.

In this 30 minute webinar our expert speaker will discuss:

  • Top benefits of SaaS
  • Designing a Data exit strategy from a SaaS environment
  • 4 other critical considerations before you sign a SaaS contract.
  • Unlimited Q & A
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