Why Agile is most widely used development method in the industry. Are you ready?

Why Agile is most widely used development method in the industry
About this Webinar

"Innovation is the primary driver of prosperity, job growth, social responsibility, environmental sustainability and national security.” - Curtis Carlson, former president of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and author of the book 'Innovation'.

Agile transformation is firmly on the horizon for organizations around the world, a new Scrum Alliance® membership survey shows. As digital transformation has steadily increased demand for faster turnarounds, user-friendly platforms and flexible goals, modern business demands ever more Agile workflows.

Forbes magazine says that Agile is the world's most popular innovation engine.

More than 50% work done in organisations worldwide is based on the Agile method and 62% is the success rate on such projects.

Given this widespread use of Agile, are you ready to work in such an environment?

In this webinar Sandeep Sukhija and Mukul Joshi, Agile Experts coverd:
  1. The nuts and bolts of the agile method of development

  2. How this method enables quality execution, rapid MVP deliveries with quick end user acceptance.

  3. A sample project broken down into scrums and explained.

  4. Where all does the Agile method apply.

  5. How students can use this to accelerate their learning.

Sandeep Sukhija
Project Manager
With over 11 years of core development experience under his belt, and being a deep scrum practitioner for over 3 years, delivering rapid improvements to his pet project Ideolve, he has made Ideolve central to driving Mithi's operations.
Mukul Joshi
Vice President – Technology and Engineering
Mukul’s association with Nitor as Vice President – Technology & Engineering began with the acquisition of his company SpotOn by Nitor. Mukul has a total experience of 17 years in Research, Technology, and Software Product engineering. He formulates and executes long-term strategic initiatives, technology partnerships & R&D efforts, a task, which he pursues with flair.
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