Strategies to Simplify Email Data Management

The Radicati Group, an international technology market research firm, predicts that by 2019, business emails will account for 128.8 billion mails sent and received per day.

This hyper-growth is fueled by rapid digitization. With email being your primary identity, it also becomes a sink for every notification coming your way.

IT administrators of businesses often need to dig up and restore email data, which can be useful as a reference for business decisions or during litigation. In most countries, retaining this information has become mandatory by law.

But what methods are the best for efficient email data management and which ones should you avoid?

In this 30 minute webinar, Mr. Sunil Uttam, Co-founder, Mithi Software Technologies shared his knowledge and strategies on the best ways to manage your email data.

In this webinar, we spoke about:
  • How big the problem of rapid data growth really is
  • Drawbacks of using legacy data management methods
  • Advantages of switching to modern email data management practices
  • How Vaultastic can aid in your data management strategy
  • Q&A

Questions asked during the webinar

Does Vaultastic work with cloud-based mail solutions or on-premise mail servers?

Vaultastic can archive/ingest email from either cloud-based email solutions like Google GSuite, Microsoft Office 365, IBM Lotus Verse, Mithi SkyConnect, etc, OR from in premise solutions like Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, Zimbra, etc. Read more here:
Office 365 Email Archiving and Retention Solutions
Microsoft Exchange Email Archiving Solutions
Google Apps (G Suite) Email Archiving Solutions
Cloud Email Archiving For On-Premise Mail Servers

What is the licensing strategy? User-based or a bundle?

Read more here: Pricing, Plans, and Quotation generator

How long does it take to configure Vaultastic and get started?

It takes about 5-7 minutes to sign up for Vaultastic and get your domain provisioned. Once you do that, you get an email with instructions on how to configure your primary mail platform to initiate journaling for the selected set of users. This can take you another 10-15 minutes to set up. Once you do this, you are on and all fresh email will start archiving right away. Once you do this, you can proceed to upload historical data, which will take time depending on the volume of data.

Is my email data secure on the cloud?

We believe storing data on the cloud is way safer than storing it on-premise. The sheer scale and stringent compliances which govern a cloud setup, ensure multiple levels of security govern the access and maintenance of cloud infrastructure. An analogy of this is what governs our choice of keeping jewels in a locker v/s keeping it home.

Read more about Vaultastic’s multi-layered security framework, which leverages AWS’s shared security model to ensure wide and deep security for your critical data. Replicating such an intricate architecture in the premise is a daunting, complex and expensive affair

Any considerations regarding security issues for the primary mail server when this system is implemented?

No, none at all. The only change we need to make on the Primary mail platform is to enable journaling to a fixed email id that has been designated to your domain and organization. This will send a copy of every email, via SMTP to the Vaultastic platform. To ensure tight security, you can open the SMTP tunnel only between your primary platform and the Vaultastic platform.

Can users make a choice of locating their data?

Yes, currently Vaultastic is available in two regions, viz. India and Singapore.

Do you have SSL protection while my data is traveling?

Yes. Vaultastic is built on the principles of “Encrypted at Rest” and “Encrypted in Transit”, which ensures that no unauthorized “eyes” can sniff or see your data. Read more about Vaultastic’s multi-layered security framework.

Is journaling required for Vaultastic?

Yes. You would have to enable journaling for the selected set of users so that a copy of every mail sent and received is pushed to the ingestion email id designated by Vaultastic for your domain. Using the Journaling capability on your primary mail platform is the only way you can ensure that a copy of every mail is captured, in-flight, before delivery, ensuring that 100% email is archived. Read more here: Configure your primary email platform to integrate with Vaultastic

So super admin can see or access entire organizations mails, how do we avoid that?

Vaultastic is based on the principle of role-based access. This allows you to define levels of users ranging from super admins to senior admins, to junior admins, department heads, and the users. You can define the rights available to each role, which includes their access rights, ediscovery depth allowed, ability to export content, and more. To answer your question, you can ensure that all the admins and users don’t have a blanket ediscovery access and instead give them a controlled, limited ediscovery access.
The super admin of course will have all rights and its best to let these credentials be with the business owner or one of the top management.
Over and above that, every action on the system is logged for audit at a future date.
Read more here: Configuring the Ediscovery view for your users

If you rely on Amazon service, the SLA’s will depend on their service policies including pricing right?

Mithi hosts the Vaultastic service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS), cloud platform, and leverages the cloud platform and services in the application development and delivery. Mithi is an Advanced Technology Partner to AWS and a customer to AWS for its services. By virtue of that, we are beneficiaries of a guaranteed level of performance, reliability, and scale from AWS for their platform. Based on their SLA to us, we provide a back to back SLA to our customers, which also includes our application security, performance, availability, and reliability.

We do modify our SLA from time to time depending on changes to our offering or changes to the base platform, keeping our customers’ best interest in mind.

In Gsuite I have an option to rename my email account but mails, so how does Vaultastic license bind the same?

Vaultastic cares more about the number of users in the subscription than the actual name of the user. If you are to rename a user on GSuite or any of your email platforms, this will start archiving to a fresh vault with the new user’s name. The core idea here is to maintain the integrity and separation of the email from both these periods (old name and new name). Once the new vault has been created and assigned to the user, you can allow this new user on Vaultastic to discover mail from the earlier account too. However, please note that these two will now be two separate accounts on Vaultastic and will consume two subscription members. If the earlier user is inactive now, you can move that account to the HOLD plan to save cost and retain the static mail forever.

Could you explain which one is the best way of archiving email, journaling, or pointing the MX record?

I would venture to say that the only accurate way to archive email and ensure 100% coverage of every email sent and received is via Journaling. Pointing the MX record to a solution, which possibly doubles up as an email security gateway, can at best archive email which is inbound from the Internet. However, it may not be able to archive mail which is sent out and sent/received locally within the domain.

What if the users’ data is on Microsoft applications and not on Amazon? Will an Amazon snowball still work?

Yes, it will. An amazon snowball is only a carrier of information from the Vaultastic platform on AWS to your operational infrastructure. Once you copy the email data from the snowball (typically PST or EML files), you can import it into the Microsoft environment easily (either Exchange or Office 365 or Outlook)Read more here
Retrieving data in bulk from Vaultastic using an AWS S3 bucket

What is the method to get my historical email data onto the Vaultastic platform and make it search ready, stored in PST files over the years?

Every customer of Vaultastic, gets access to a self-help portal application, which enables them to import email data in PST/EML files on their Vaultastic account.Read more about this new application for easier historical data upload

GSuite and Microsoft provide an in-place archival of email including some additional features which most enterprises require. So why would choose Vaultastic? Could you explain about your service in this respect?

How do you compare it with your competitors like enterprise vault (Symantec)

Technically, Vaultastic as SaaS, offers a unique value proposition, backed by an SLA, combining strong capabilities in the application such as end-user portal, multi-level ediscovery, always on search ready and download ready email data of any period, and more, hosted on a robust, secure, scalable, disaster-ready application delivery platform which is in turn backed by a robust IaaS cloud platform offering data durability upward of 11 9’s, built-in support to setup DR site, and guarantees on performance. Commercially, thanks to the flexibility offered with mixed plans and with a unique storage hold plan for inactive users, the value proposition is too compelling to ignore.

Learn more about this.

Can you customize plans if required?

We are open to the idea of providing you with a custom retention plan if your volume and use case justifies the ask. If you have such a need, please contact our friendly sales folks and we would be very to have this conversation.

Journaling is not supported in GSuite’s Basic Plan. So how can I use Vaultastic in this scenario?

Unfortunately, you cannot then setup archiving on GSuite’s Basic plan. You would need the journaling capability to ensure that a copy of every mail sent and received if archived to Vaultastic.

Can I use the auto-forward method for Gsuite Basic Plan? If Yes, what are the limitations?

Yes, you can set up an auto-forward for each user on GSuite to archive a copy of the email. However, please note that this will cover only received email for the user. An auto-forward configuration has no clue of sent email, so this kind of a configuration will not archive sent email.

How much internet bandwidth is utilised with it?

If you are archiving from an In-premise setup to Vaultastic, you would need an additional average of 5 MBPS per 3000 users.
If your users are simply accessing the Vaultastic portal, to search and download email, then it would all depend on how heavy the usage is. Unless the user decides to do a major download, the consumption by the web application is not much.

What about DR?

Disaster Recovery is part of our offering. Vaultastic leverages the multiple Availability zones within an AWS region and the highly durable S3 storage to achieve this. This architecture allows us to provide an RPO of zero and an RTO of near zero. Please contact us to request a white paper detailing our architecture and how Vaultastic achieves this.

Is there any way to recovery from the accidental deletion of a Vaultastic archive account? Is there a grace period in which we can recover the archive account?

Deleting an archive account is a one-way street and this will obliterate all information stored in the user’s vault and this is irrecoverable. There is no grace period for this. Please be careful while performing this operation.

How can you terminate the services? What about existing data?

You can terminate the services at any time by simply asking us to cancel your services. This can be done by raising a support ticket to our helpdesk. As for your data, it is important to note that you are the whole and sole owners of your data, even though we safe keep it for you. At the point of exit, or even before that, you can download all your data using the self-service portal and if it is too large, we can help you by copying this to an AWS S3 bucket in your AWS account and you could consider retrieving that physically using the AWS Snowball option.

Read more here
Retrieving data in bulk from Vaultastic using an AWS S3 bucket

I am a System Integrator? Do we have any MSP Model for Vaultastic Solutions?

Yes, we do. Please do get in touch with our partner program and our channel team will connect with you.
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