3 Simple Strategies to preserve and manage data of former employees

About this Webinar

Handling Employee exits

Typically, when an employee leaves, the IT and HR teams STOP ACCESS for the employee to the corporate systems and ARCHIVE all their DATA in case it is needed in the future. The former is a Security best practice while the latter is Data Management best practice.

Why Retain data of former employees?

1. Legal perspective (data can be used as evidence in case a suit is filed either by the company or by the employee)

2. Knowledge management perspective (the communication by the employee can hold a lot of useful and reusable IP)

3. Operational hygiene perspective (to ensure business continuity, the communication which may contain sales records, half-finished projects, notifications, commitments, etc may need to be passed on to the next in charge of the role).

What’s the challenge here?

The structured data, generated within the corporate business systems are typically not a big challenge to retain.

Its the unstructured data, which is giving IT teams nightmares.

Of all the data records, the communication channels such as email, chat, voice carry the most un-structured and also sometimes the most valuable of records.

An average employee generates 4GB of email in a year, about 70% of which carries business-critical information such as agreements, contract negotiations, commitments, issues, invoices, reports, notifications, contacts, etc.

In this webinar we covered.
  1. Why retain data of former employees?

  2. Common methods deployed today and their drawbacks

  3. A few ideas to help manage data for extended periods

  4. How the cloud can aid in your data management strategy

  5. Unlimited Q&A

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Sunil Uttam
Co-Founder and Principal Solution architect

Sunil has spent the better part of his work life consulting enterprise customers to deploy scalable, secure, future proof communication and data management solutions.

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