Webinar | SMEs – How cloud email data protection reduces risks and optimizes costs

About this Webinar

The Digital SMEs

Surveys worldwide suggest that up to 70% of SMEs, barring the born-in-the-cloud or digital-first businesses, have intensified their use of digital technologies (especially post COVID-19). However, many businesses have not had the time or received the advice needed to plan this transition well.

For these firms, the transition to digital is not yet complete, potentially expensive, and risky.

The diverse IT Landscape of SMEs

Thus, the operating systems of SME/Bs are typically a collection of loosely integrated diverse solutions from multiple vendors spanning multiple clouds, on-premises solutions, and manually run pieces.

And How email ties it all together

Email is the primary office tool to tie it up, run operations, handle exceptions, and quickly share knowledge, communicate proposals, invoices, agreements, purchase orders, and more.

In other words, EMAIL is the overarching operating system for small businesses.

Thus, protecting email data is the #1 priority for SMEs

But this can be challenging for SMEs

SMEs do not have the resources or capacity to handle the ever-growing email volume, variety, and velocity.

In addition, Hackers are more likely to target small companies.

"43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, & unfortunately, only 14% are able to mitigate such risks effectively.” - Small Business Trends

And, inadequate protection can lead to data loss, unavailability, which in turn may lead to poor business continuity, litigations, rising costs, loss of productivity, reputation, and trust.

Hence, for an SMB, there is a heavy price to pay if their email is not preserved or not well managed.

The Solution

We discussed how cloud data backup/archiving can help reduce these risks and optimize costs for small enterprises. We also covered Email communications Dos and Don'ts. AWS speaker shared how AWS is an IT platform for SMEs.

In this webinar we covered.
Section 1:
  • Small businesses & Email use
  • The need to protect email data
  • Traditional methods & Challenges
  • An Elegant solution
  • Live case study and Demo
  • Your queries - answered
Section 2:
  • Why AWS as an IT platform for SMEs
  • How AWS improves reliability, security of Vaultastic
  • Q&A
Section 3:
  • Essentials of Email Communication
  • Effective email communication, Do’s, and Don’ts
  • Outcome-driven messaging
  • Q&A
data management strategies
Sunil Uttam
Co-Founder and Principal Solution architect
Sunil has spent the better part of his work life consulting enterprise customers to deploy scalable, secure, future proof communication and data management solutions.
Gopalakrishnan Ramaswamy
Gopalakrishnan Ramaswamy
Manager of Solutions Architects – SMB, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Gopalakrishnan is a Manager Solutions Architect for SMB segment at Amazon Internet Services Private Limited and is based out of Chennai. Having worked in technology for more than 20 years in various roles, he has helped many enterprises achieve digital transformation by adopting disruptive technologies. At AWS, he helps customers build and succeed on AWS by providing technical guidance, architectural and design recommendations and thought leadership.
Nandita Khaire
Nandita Khaire
Director - Business and Corporate Strategy, Udyen Jain & Associates
Nandita was one of the first lady entrepreneurs to start an advertising agency in Pune. She has a special interest in providing branding and marketing strategies to startups, SMEs, and social enterprises. Nandita is a visiting faculty at leading institutes, author of several books, a corporate trainer, award winner, and has won the President's gold medal for the best children’s book ‘Mother Nature” for BAIF Development Research Foundation
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