Protect your business against loss of data and knowledge when employees leave

Are you aware that 69% of CXOs have identified data loss from older employees who leave as a major problem? A recent Osterman Research survey identified this as a significant issue for organizations.

When employees depart, they often take sensitive and confidential data with them intentionally or inadvertently, which can cause significant risks for your organization.

Protecting the emails and files of former employees is essential to minimize these risks, ensure compliance, support legal readiness, promote knowledge reuse, and enable smooth role transitions.

In this  webinar we discovered how Vaultastic can proactively protect your organization from data loss caused by employee departures.

Webinar Agenda:
  1. The Runaway Growth of Data
  2. Why protect data under the control of former employees?
  3. Common Challenges with expedient methods of protecting this data.
  4. How Vaultastic modernizes your data strategy
  5. Benefits Case study of a mid-sized financial services company that adopted Vaultastic
  6. Q&A session
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