Power up Digitalisation with Agile Business Communication and Data Management.

Power up Digitalisation with Agile Business Communication and Data Management.

According to a study by Gartner, the average annual cost of downtime for businesses is $5,600 per minute. This means that even a short outage can have a significant financial impact.

Common Operational and Business Challenges around communication and data systems:

  • Difficulty ensuring protection against data loss and thefts.
  • Difficulty in meeting regulatory compliance and ensuring the Privacy of customer data
  • Inability to control growing costs of preserving and managing data.
  • Disruption in business continuity due to system downtime.
  • Increasing security threats via viruses, ransomware, DDOS attacks, phishing, etc.
Join us in our webinar, where our experts share solutions with live examples to help you modernize your digital communication strategy and related data management.


  • The Hyper-Digital World
  • The High Risks and Costs of Tech Debt - the drawbacks of outdated approaches.
  • What Constitutes a Modern digital platform: Identifying the key features
  • Leveraging Modern Digital Communication & Data Management to Cut Risks, Costs, and Productivity Loss.
  • Live Case Study 1: Mid-sized Consumer Bank
  • Live Case Study 2: Large Diversified Global Group
  • Q&A Session
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