Mithi Partner Webinar | Vaultastic V4 Launch

For Mithi Partners: Launch of Vaultastic ver 4, new pricing model, live case study

About this Webinar

Since the launch of Vaultastic V4, the new cloud data protection platform is seeing rapid market traction since it helps customers reduce compliance and data-related risks, gain agility and optimize costs anywhere between 30 to 60%.

Businesses across verticals such as BFSI, Pharma, Manufacturing, Services in 18+ countries depend on Vaultastic for their data protection and compliance needs.

We strongly believe that this new platform can help you unlock new opportunities, differentiate your services, and grow your business as a Mithi partner.

In this webinar we covered.
  1. The most popular use-cases for Vaultastic V4

  2. Live Customer case study – How a mid-sized BFSI saved 60%+ on preserving former-employee data

  3. A sample proposal that shows how the new pricing model optimizes costs.

  4. Competitive advantage.

  5. A brief demo of the new platform.

data management strategies
Sunil Uttam
Co-Founder and Principal Solution architect

Sunil has spent the better part of his work life consulting enterprise customers to deploy scalable, secure, future proof communication and data management solutions.

data management strategies
Ashok Malaviya
Co-founder, Director of Sales

Ashok is working on both, the channel program and the direct-to-customer sales at Mithi. Ashok’s superpower is in building relationships with customers and partners, understanding their needs, challenges, and pain points, and explaining the solution via simple, relatable terms.

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