How T&T Motors used Email Archival & Ediscovery to control data leakage

How T&T Motors used Email Archival & Ediscovery to control data leakage

Data leakage is a security threat that is rampant in today’s world, with easy access to emails and information. For a sales organisation especially, it is hard to keep track of the conversations between sales representatives and clients.

In this webinar, Mr. Tarkeshwar Gupta, Manager – IT, T&T Motors (India’s largest dealers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles) will tell you his story on how the company used email archival and ediscovery as a supervision tool to control data leakage and store all mails for auditing purposes.

In addition, speakers from Mithi and Amazon will share their knowledge and provide useful insights on the benefits of using cloud archival and the security, elasticity, and flexibility that cloud can provide to your organisation.

In this webinar, we spoke about:

  • The Fundamentals of Email Archiving
  • How Vaultastic, a true SaaS, can help
  • How ediscovery can be used as a supervision tool
  • Customer speak on how Vaultastic helped in controlling data leakage
  • Amazon speak on why cloud storage is the safest storage now
  • Q and A Session
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