On Demand Webinar : How to crack your job Interview!!

How to crack your job Interview!!

Its campus recruitment time! High time for students, ready to start their new chapter in life. To join the workforce of a fast paced economy, the only hurdle between them and their dream job is an Interview.

We at Mithi Academy decided to ease the pressure of students this season and organised a webinar, where Sunil Uttam, Mithi's co-founder and Chief Solution Architect, shared his experience of taking hundreds of interviews, and key valuable takeaways to help students prepare and ace their upcoming interviews.

We Discussed Following Key Points:

  1. How to prepare for an Interview
  2. How to present yourself, your thoughts and view's effectively
  3. Expectation from the other side of the table (what if the company looking for)
  4. Commonly asked questions (and how to handle them)
  5. Why your tech skills wont get you there (then what will?)
  6. Do's and Don'ts during an interview
  7. How to develop the mindset to face any Interview & Ace It!!
  8. Unlimited Q&A
Thankyou, for your awesome response, looking forward to see you in our next webinar.

Presented by

Mr. Sunil Uttam
An entrepreneur making a big impact on business team collaboration and enterprise data management using SaaS solutions architected with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data warehousing, Deep ediscovery, Mobility and Cloud platforms.
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