How Meeting Security Standards and Compliance become easier with the new SkyConnect and Vaultastic

How Meeting Security Standards and Compliance become easier with the new SkyConnect and Vaultastic

The growing number of cyber-security threats, brings focus to the Chief Information Security Officer’s function of ensuring that the organization’s key information assets remain secure, safe and durable in the face of any threat.The CISO seeks compliance to global standards and certifications, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), etc, to ensure that the IT infrastructure managed by his organisation adheres to the stringent guidelines and policies laid out in these well thought out frameworks, which in turn helps him deliver on his KRA to keep the organisation’s data safe.

Mithi has always put security at the forefront of all upgrades and new releases and the upcoming release of SkyConnect is no different. We have been working hard to upgrade the security in our solutions to support customers in their compliance initiatives.

Joins us in this 30 min webinar, as we speak about the security enhancements in the new SkyConnect and Vaultastic release, our business email and email archival solutions on the cloud, and how this helps to secure your business critical email data.

In this webinar, we covered

  • Cloud Application security basics
  • SkyConnect multi-layered security (a recap)
  • 10 new security features in SkyConnect & Vaultastic
  • Support for 3 compliance certifications (HIPAA, GDPR, IRDAI)
  • Unlimited Q&A

Questions asked during the webinar

    • What measures has Mithi put in place to prevent data leakage?
      The servers deploy a comprehensive security framework provided by SkyConnect. This ensures that nobody can access the data (configuration or mail data) without authentication and authorization and only through access protocols. The weak link in the data access is the password, which can be kept strong and current with password policies in SkyConnect (Minimum password length, password complexity, and password expiry). For further details, read the Mithi SkyConnect SLA
    • Can a user or an administrator delete selected mail from the Vaultastic account?
      No. An administrator or a user can not delete mail from Vaultastic. There is no interface provided on the self service portal to either the administrator or to the end user to delete mail from any account. The only ways to remove mail from the archive would be to delete the account from Vaultastic or to set a retention period beyond which mail will be automatically deleted.
    • Can multiple domains be managed via a single administrator console?
      Mithi SkyConnect support Multi-tenancy, which means you can host multiple domains on the same server, while keeping them totally independent of each other. All these domains can be managed by the administrator console (Application Manager) which also supports role based administration, and allows you to define a limited set of administration functions for different people. Using this, you have the flexibility to make one person as the manager for a single domain, a set of domains or all domains.
    • Can we block the mail forwarding feature?
      Yes, we can restrict the mail forwarding feature for a set of users or all users via the admin console. Besides restricting email forwarding, the advanced admin console (Application Manager) allows you flexibility to control the set of features available to a user, set of users or all users, e.g. you can restrict mail flow to certain domains or email ids, block receipt of mail from certain domains, restrict chat feature for few set of users, or block certain e-mail address, etc
    • If an employee leaves the organization and the manager needs the access to his e-mail, how can he do that?
      Assuming that the archival or Vaultastic was deployed for the customer, it means that every mail sent and received by that employee is archived in his vault. When an employee leaves, the manager can configure from the Vaultastic backend and allow himself access to the employees Vault. Now the manager simply has to search in the employees vault for the desired mail. It is as simple as that!
    • I need to download about 2 TB of email data from the Vaultastic archive store, is there a way to do this easily?

      t is easy to download email data from Vaultastic. The new Vaultastic bulk data retrieval service, allows user’s to quickly and easily export data from their Vaultastic account to the respective S3 bucket in the customer’s AWS account.

      Recommended reading: Retrieving data in bulk from Vaultastic using an AWS S3 bucket

    • Will mail sent from a user’s mobile also be archived?
      Yes. Mails sent from any client (web, desktop or mobile) will be archived on Vaultastic.
    • Do I have to setup archiving for all the users of my domain, to use Vaultastic?
      You can choose to archive for all the users of your domain or for selected users. This entirely depends on the requirement of your business. This configuration has to be done on your primary email server.
    • If I have configured Vaultastic do I still need to have a mail server backup?
      A mail server backup is taken periodically, typically once a day and is a backup of the software as well as the data. It is a snapshot of the state of the system at that point in time and is usually used to restore the service to the same state in case of a breakdown.
      Therefore it is still necessary to take a mail server backup even if you have configured Vaultastic for all the users.
    • What is the default mailbox size for each user? / What is the Free space provided per mail box?

      In any enterprise the usage pattern of any two users are typically never the same. So while the CEO of a company will have certain requirement in terms of his mailbox size, an executive lower down in the hierarchy will require a fraction of that storage for his mailbox.

      Mithi’s SkyConnect service offers cumulative storage plans (as against equal individual mailbox space) to its customers such that the entire storage requirement of an organization (or domain) is optimally distributed across all users as per their individual requirements thereby minimizing the unused storage. This means you only pay for what you actually use.

    • If I already have Trendmicro IMS, should I purchase email security with SkyConnect?

      Assuming Trend Micro IMS is being used in prem, if email security is not purchased with SkyConnect what will happen is, all the mail will land on the Trend Micro in prem, and then will be pushed back into the cloud, for access by the users. So it is not a very advised configuration.

      By having clean mail, or mail scrubbing as it is called which includes the Trend Micro HES and tools which go around it, on the cloud, and having MX land on the cloud, only clean mails are going to the mailbox. So the users bandwidth, which is leading up to the office or data centre is much reduced in terms of consumption.

      There is no need to fear junk mail landing over the users bandwidth. By doing the cleaning in the cloud, only clean mail come in.

    • Do you have a mail expire or attachment expire feature?
      We currently do not have a Mail Expire option. We can however, do attachment expire. We have a feature called SISA – Single Instance Storage of Attachment. When a mail is sent, the attachment is stripped form the mail, stored at a central location with a lifetime, which can be adjusted by the organisation. In that way, the attachment can be automatically deleted from the central store. Now, when the user clicks on a link to access the attachment, he will not get an attachment.
    • Does your archive work with any mailing solution irrespective of competition?
      Yes, Vaultastic is compatible not just with SkyConnect but most other popular mailing platforms, such as Office 365, G Suite, Zimbra, Mail Enable, Zoho etc.
    • If a user has left the company and we want to store his archived data, what will be the license count?

      Vaultastic offers a HOLD plan, wherein if an employee leaves an organisation, you move the email data of that user from a live active plan to a HOLD plan. This plan only charges organisations for storage and keeps all data stored for life.

      Learn more here:
      Vaultastic ‘Hold’ plan To Retain Email Data of Inactive Users

    • Do you have any document management tools like google has google sheets etc
      Currently, we do not have anything like Google sheets or Google docs, but from a productivity aspect we have another platform which is being adopted by a lot of our customers. It is called Ideolve, and is essentially for team collaboration.
    • How do you work in Delhi, do you have any direct presence?
      We work in most major cities in India and outside as well, via our resellers and system integrators.

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