How Cashpor Micro Credit increased their mail service performance with cloud email archival

How Cashpor Micro Credit increased their mail service performance with cloud email archival

Cashpor Micro Credit, is a not-for-profit company, founded in 1996, based out of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It provides microfinance to below poverty line women in eastern U.P. and Bihar. It also offers scholarship, health education, financial literacy, and community health facilitator training programs; and insurance products.

Being in the finance industry, the company deals with a lot of sensitive information and email communication, requiring a high level of security. In addition, being not-for-profit, there is a constraint on the resources available to invest in infrastructure. Using external backup devices, resulted in heavy investment in infrastructure, due to the increase in number of users and emails exchanged.

The company required an off premise solution that would automatically backup email messages, to increase the service performance by providing a hierarchical storage architecture. An easy method to access past mail as a reference for current cases or for auditing purposes. And a solution that would act as a good disaster recovery mechanism allowing business continuity.

So how did Vaultastic help solve these issues? Join Mr. Anjan Kumar Kar,Head – Software Development, as he elaborates on how Vaultastic, being on cloud and providing elastic storage helped solve Cashpor’s Data Security, Backup and Performance situation.

In addition, speakers from Mithi and Amazon, will share their insights and experience on the benefits of thecloud infrastructure and what actions you can take to ensure email data security with quick recovery and durabilty on cloud.

In this webinar we spoke about:

  • Basics of Email Archiving
  • Why the Vaultastic platform is a preferred choice for email archival on cloud
  • Performance impact of using Hierarchical Storage Architecture
  • Customer speak on How Cashpor increased mail service performance with Cloud Email Archival
  • Amazon speak on How the AWS platform is designed to deliver consistent performance, hands free
  • Q and A Session
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