How a financial services company preserved legacy email data on the cloud and gained from ediscovery

How a financial services company preserved legacy email data on the cloud and gained from ediscovery

For any business today, it is a fact that more than 70% of email carries critical information such as agreements, contract negotiations, commitments, issues, invoices, reports, notifications, contacts, etc. Our customer, a leading financial services company, understands this and for them safely storing email for the long term is critical to manage risks and ensuring compliance.

This particular customer of Mithi is one of India's leading NBFC brands offering a diverse range of financial products and services across rural, housing and infrastructure finance sector. It also offers mutual fund products and investment management services.

What was the use case at this customer?

The customer has been accumulating a high volume of email data related to employees that exit the company. Such email data was being downloaded from the primary mail platform and stored in a data lake before disabling the email account. The legacy email data of these inactive users has to then be conserved for extended periods of time for compliance purposes.

What were the challenges faced by this customer?

  1. Leaving email data of inactive users on the primary mail platform in a disabled state was an expensive affair since they had to pay for the cost of a live mailbox.
  2. Traditional methods of preserving data on tapes, drives and other media was risky and "passive" with no easy access when required.
  3. Downloading and preserving email of a large number of existing employees was a manual and tedious process, prone to errors.
  4. Email preserved on the cloud in a dark/passive email data lake, was making hard to search and retrieve from.

In this webinar we learned how this customer leveraged Vaultastic HOLD to

  1. optimize the cost and reliability of storing legacy email data
  2. automate the migration of data from the primary platform to the archive thereby improving IT team productivity for maintaining this data
  3. stay compliance ready always with on-demand ediscovery
  4. benefit from the pay per use billing model.

Who should attend

CIOs, CISOs, CFOs, IT Heads, VP IT, IT Managers, Infrastructure Managers, Cloud Managers, IT Security Managers, Cloud Operations

Presented by

Mr. Ashok Malaviya
Co-founder and Chief Sales Office

Ashok has led the sales for much of his time at Mithi. An Automobile Engineer by training, he loves to travel. He has worked on both the channel program and the direct-to-customer sales at Mithi. He has been a key player in acquiring marquee large customers for Mithi.
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He is instrumental in building partnerships with large system integrators and ISPs such as Hitachi, HCL, Wipro, CMC, AWS etc and is passionate about meeting new people and building long lasting relationships with them.

Currently heading the sales team at Mithi, he working on accelerating growth and reaching out to new geographies.

In his spare time, Ashok plays squash and catches up on the latest news and trends from around the world.
Mr. Abhishek Mahanty
Solutions Architect, Amazon

Abhishek Mahanty helps Solution Providers/ISVs build their SaaS platform on AWS. He has over 16 years of industry experience working on various Web-related frameworks, Information Management and Distributed Computing Technologies.
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Over the past few years, his area of focus has been IoT and AI/ML. As a technology enthusiast, he loves participating in various tech meetups and is a regular speaker at a number of industry conferences. Prior to Amazon, he was with Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and HCL Technologies.

He is a post-graduate from the University of Glasgow specializing in Software & Systems and holds technical certifications from AWS, Cloudera, The Open Group, Sun Microsystems/Oracle etc.

When not busy tinkering with systems, he loves to read and travel.
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