Great teamwork is built on strong foundations of communication

Great teamwork is built on strong foundations of communication: Transform teamwork productivity with the New SkyConnect – Ideolve Combination

There are no Silos left anymore. Researchers were able to predict 35 percent of a team’s performance simply by measuring the number and quality of face-to-face interactions. This and numerous other studies have shown that performance comes from working together towards a common goal.

While Email is sufficient for sending notifications to others and engaging in a one on one dialog with anyone, it can be severely limiting while engaging in a discussion with a team.

Inboxes fill up with endless email threads, mostly generated by a CYA work culture where everything is shared in hopes of promoting transparency. In fact, valuable information is lost in the email threads, and communication bogs down.

Great Teamwork in your business typically would carry the following objectives:

  • Every member is valuable, has a voice and can share thoughts on initiatives and improvements.
  • All conversations in the business, around initiatives & ideas, are recorded centrally, classified and are easily accessible.
  • You can initiate projects, form teams dynamically composed of the right people for the Job at hand.
  • All discussions, action & reports around the task/initiative are anchored for easy review and post-mortem.
  • Decisions are data-driven, contextual, and consider inputs and objections from all stake-holders.
  • Physical meetings are brief, effective and conclusive, based on earlier preparation & workouts

In this 30 minute webinar we will deep dive into ONE collaboration use case and EXPLORE how by using Ideolve, a SIMPLE EMAIL ADD ON, in tandem with SkyConnect Email, you can work better with teams for superior outcomes.

Questions asked during the webinar

    • How many users can be added to a note?
      There is no limit, to the number of users that can be added. Ideolve allows you to create distribution lists of your users, making it easier to add multiple users in one go and increasing the productivity. For example, If a user wants to share something with the sales team, he/she would have made a distribution list of the sales team, and would simply add that to the note.
    • Is there a mobile app available for Ideolve?
      Yes, you can get this from the Ideolve website. Go to and you will find the mobile app there. It is very simple, just sign up, create your account, download your mobile app and get started.
    • In SkyConnect what happens to the personal contacts once the user is deleted?
      Personal contacts belong to the user, so if the user goes, all the data along with the user also goes, including the mails, and personal contacts.
    • Is my data private and secure on Ideolve?
      Absolutely, your whole system in Ideolve is secured with multiple layers, the most important one being the encrypted at rest and encrypted in transit. So the data is secure and is stored in very safe databases. It is also durable, which means it is resistant to disaster in the backend data centre. All the data is stored on the Amazon cloud and besides all this there are multiple layers of authentication, with the MFA authentication being introduced soon. We are also compliant by a lot of stringent guidelines such as IRDAI, GDPR which are based on data privacy and security.
    • In email, sometimes we remove people from thread. Is this possible in Ideolve?
      Yes this is possible. In Ideolve, you can add a person who will see the note, for that duration of time and can put his/her comments. The person can be removed at a later stage, however his/her comments will remain. So it is similar to temporarily involving a team or individual in a conversation.
    • Can a newly added person to a note view old comments?
      Most certainly. Once a person is added to a note, he/she gets full visibility of the note, including any previous comments, so that the user can get some context of the conversation taking place.
    • Is the SkyConnect data stored in India or Outside?
      The answer to that is both. We give users the choice. We have multi-region SaaS solutions, so you can choose your region based on your requirements or data residency regulation. For example, the Government and the BFSI segment of our customers choose the India region, whereas the private sector customers are okay with the Singapore region.
    • Where is the mobile app for Ideolve available?
      The app is available on the ios App Store and Google Play Store. You can find the link for the app here.
    • How can I share a note with a non Ideolve user?
      Sharing notes on Ideolve is not restricted to users within the company alone. If a user wants to share a note with a third party, all the user has to do, is add the email address of the non-ideolve user and share. The non-Ideolve user will receive an email with a link to view the note and to sign up to Ideolve which is free. Once signed up the third party person can start collaborating with the user.
    • Will I receive an email every time someone shares a note or comment? If yes, then this will end up resulting in multiple mails being received and inbox cluttering.
      Ideolve does not send a mail for every comment or every action taking place within a note. By default, the first time a user is added to a note, he/she will receive a mail. Beyond that, if a user is mentioned in a note using @Tag, only then will he/she receive a mail. All this is configurable, allowing you to decide what level of notification you want.

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