Design your Career

Learn how to define your career goals and work towards them

Are you confused about your career? Or uncertain what path to pursue? This session is intended to help you clarify all the questions you might have about your career path.

Designed loosely around the popular course at Stanford of the same name, this webinar session will help you explore what engages, and energizes you, define your career goal, and provide a framework to plan how to get to it.

We will also touch upon how to overcome constraints and how to network.

During this webinar we discussed:
  1. what energizes you

  2. what engages you

  3. how you can use this knowledge to define your career goals

  4. how you can think of a framework to help you plan for your goals.

Dr. ASHOK KORWAR, consultant, former Professor, IIMA, and chairman of the MBA program. He is a B.Tech. from IIT Bombay and got his Ph.D. from UCLA in Management. Today, he advises the top management of several small and medium companies, mostly IT, in Pune and Mumbai. Before moving to Pune, he was an advisor to the CEO of Polaris Software in Chennai.

KALPANA KORWAR, architect and designer, is a graduate of CEPT, Ahmedabad, and UCLA. She has worked in the US and India, on small and medium projects. While running her own practice, she has been teaching design at architecture colleges. She also teaches pranayama and focuses these days on teaching awareness and visualization. Both are co-founders of the School of Design Thinking in Chennai, where they run programs on design thinking to college students and faculty as well as corporates.
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