Containers for cloud computing

Why Enterprises heavily depend on containers for Cloud computing ?
Containers for cloud computing
About this Webinar

Containers are a better way to develop and deploy applications. Containers provide a logical packaging system in which applications can be abstracted from the environment in which they actually run.

This allows container-based applications to be deployed in a consistent fashion on data centres, cloud or on a developer's personal machine, all alike. This clean separation of application logic from the infrastructure on which the container runs, allows the developers to focus on developing the app and its logic, leaving the IT Ops team to deploy, manage and not worry about OS versions, patches, software versions, etc which are specific to the app.

Simply put, containers enable you to package your application with dependant libraries, providing isolated environments for running your software services.

The share of hosts running Docker is climbing. It is being said that by 2020, the share of hosts running Docker will climb to 40% and more. Now, this is an achievement. The share is increasing by 5% every year, but in the past few months, this rate has increased tremendously.

Join us in this talk, where our expert will help you understand:
  1. The nuts and bolts of containers

  2. How this method helps you focus on the application

  3. Where all containers can be used?

  4. How you can use containers today (maybe in your projects)?

  5. How students can use this to accelerate their learning

Sandeep Sukhija
Project Manager
With over 11 years of core development experience under his belt, and being a deep scrum practitioner for over 3 years, delivering rapid improvements to his pet project Ideolve, he has made Ideolve central to driving Mithi's operations.
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