5 Email Data Management strategies and choosing the right one

5 Email Data Management strategies and choosing the right one

The Radicati Group, an international technology market research firm, predicts that the total number of emails sent and received per day is forecasted to reach 306 Billion by 2020.

This hyper-growth is fueled by rapid digitization. With email being your primary identity, it also becomes a sink for every notification coming your way.

Critical information stored in email, include agreements, contract negotiations, commitments, issues, invoices, reports, notifications, contacts, etc., making it essential to secure and manage this data efficiently to ensure business continuity and meeting compliance goals.

IT administrators of businesses often need to dig up and restore email data, which can be useful as a reference for business decisions or during litigation. In most countries, retaining this information has become mandatory by law.

But what methods are the best for efficient email data management and which ones should you avoid?

In this 30 minute webinar, Mr. Saket Agrawal, Account Manager – Enterprise Solutions, Mithi Software Technologies shares his knowledge and strategies on the best ways to manage your email data.

In this webinar, we spoke about:

  • How big the problem of rapid data growth really is
  • Drawbacks of using legacy data management methods
  • Advantages of switching to modern email data management practices
  • How Vaultastic can aid in your data management strategy
  • Unlimited Q&A

Questions asked during the webinar

What is the speed of the search?

All mail is indexed, search ready at all times. Any mail of any period can be found in a few seconds.

We have sensitive information, how safe is Vaultastic, considering that it is on a public cloud?

The entire Vaultastic solution is hosted on the AWS cloud and it is designed by us. It is mentioned in our SLA, that no one from the back end is allowed to access the content of the data. All the data is encrypted at rest and in transit with Audit trails are available.

What is the retention period of the mail?

The retention period is a configuration you apply to the archive account. Learn more

Will every user get user credentials or only the Admin?

If you wish, you can empower your users with access to the self service portal, wherein, they can themselves access their archives whenever they want. This feature can be restricted to a few users, or all the users. You can also give role based accessed, for example the Manager of a team can get access to the archive vaults of all the users’ within his/her team. The admin can turn this option on or off at point in time.

Is the license user based or organisation based?

The entire solution is a true SaaS solution, so the license is based per user. For example, if you have a 500 user organisation, you can enable the archive accounts, for only 50 users and the invoice will be raised on an individual basis. This per user license gives you the flexibility to add more or remove users at any given point, which will then be adjusted and billed on a pro-rata basis.

In e-discovery, can Vaultastic search through password-protected attachments?

Currently, in Vaultastic, data is not scanned and indexed for attachments as it is for the title, body, and metadata of the email. However, if a keyword is there in both the body of the mail and attachment the mail with the attachment will be visible.

Can 2 admin users use the same login credentials to access the same account simultaneously?

This is not possible, if there is a sign in from an admin from one particular location, then it cannot be accessed by the other admin, simultaneously.

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